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“As a physician myself, I was looking for the very best parathyroid surgeon to tackle my parathyroid surgery. I sought out four different opinions before choosing Dr. Deva Boone (including general surgery, ENT, and endocrinology whom are all considered top experts in my locale). Dr. Boone was impressive throughout my entire process- from her detailed analysis and review of my labs and history to surgery and then follow-up. She had a solid plan, answered my questions with ease, and reassured me throughout the process - compared to the others I met with whom were far less decisive in all aspects of my care. If you want to know a tip in choosing a doctor for this surgery, ask him or her how many parathyroid cases he or she has done. You’re likely to realize the difference between Dr. Boone and the rest of the pack when you hear her answer vs. the typical answer of “I do about 12-15 a year”. It never feels good as a patient to be that “odd case” or “not your norm”, and my case is indeed more complex in that that I had four gland hyperplasia and not your typical adenoma or two. Dr. Boone handled my case with surgical expertise, calm confidence, and an excellent bedside manner. I underwent a 35 min surgery with all 4 of my hyperplastic glands identified and about 3.5 removed. The next morning, I felt great! Many of the symptoms I was experiencing, most namely mental fogginess, were gone immediately, and I was out enjoying the city with my husband. I had no post-op pain and my scar is very minimal. People can’t even notice I’ve had a neck surgery unless I point it out. If you are facing the difficult decision of choosing a parathyroid surgeon, I highly recommend Dr. Boone. “
Robyn R.
“Dr. Boone is an impeccable doctor. From her bedside manor to her vast knowledge, I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon. This was my 4th parathroidectomy so it goes without saying that I'm more than qualified to know if a surgeon truly knows what they're doing. I'm so grateful she was able to cure me when others failed. If you're reading this and you have primary hyperparathyroidism wondering whether or not to go to the parathyroid center... GO! You'll be glad you did.“
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“Dr. Boone did my parathyroid surgery. I really studied this before I decided. I wasn't easy on her and she handled it very professionally. I really think she is probably the best in the world doing parathyroid surgery. I still follow up with her 1-1/2 years later and she still responds. Don't think twice having her do your surgery.“
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“Dr Boone was so professional but the best bedside manner ever. She took time in her very busy schedule to explain everything so that I was able to understand. I highly recommend her for this type surgery. She called me personally in the evening to check on me. I felt safe and understood throughout the entire process.“
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“When I was thinking my doctors missed my parathyroid disease in late 2015, Dr Boone was very generous with her time – off the clock so to speak to encourage me to get additional labs and that yes, my numbers looked highly suspicious. In early 2016 I submitted my patient intake form to Norman Parathyroid Center, where Dr Boone was employed as one of the endocrine surgeons at that time. I was delighted that she focused on my case and became my lead surgeon for my surgery. I am pleased to report that while my case was questionable because of my use of Forteo, which also raises blood calcium, that factor was put aside because I had been off of it for long enough. My surgery was a easy for me, short time in recovery, unremarkable post-surgery pain, with an excellent outcome and a scar that nobody can see, even when I point it out. Since then, when I have had some concerns about my calcium and vitamin D levels, she has been readily available to me and been supportive and helpful to unravel and resolve my concerns. She continues to be generous with her time because of her genuine concern for the welfare of her patients ongoing. “
Sandi P.