Dr. Deva Boone

About Dr. Boone

Dr. Deva Boone

Dr. Boone has dedicated her career to the understanding and treatment of parathyroid disease, combining compassion, knowledge, and experience to provide world-class care to all patients.

After obtaining her MD at Cornell Medical College, Dr. Boone completed a general surgery residency in New York City and endocrine surgery fellowship in Chicago, IL. She then subspecialized in parathyroid surgery. She joined the Norman Parathyroid Center in 2014, where she performed over 3600 parathyroid operations and consulted with thousands more patients with suspected calcium and parathyroid abnormalities. Very few surgeons worldwide have treated more parathyroid patients than Dr. Boone. At the Norman Center, she also served as the Medical Director from 2017 to 2020, while continuing to operate on 500 to 600 parathyroid patients annually. In 2020 she left to open the Southwest Parathyroid Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Boone is a frequent speaker on parathyroid disease. She enjoys teaching both patients and other physicians about calcium, Vitamin D, and the parathyroids. In 2017 she was the primary author on one of the most significant parathyroid papers, a review of over 20,000 cases of primary hyperparathyroidism


Can you look at my labs?
If you know your calcium and PTH results, you can plug them into our online Parathyroid Analysis Tool, which can help you interpret them. If you need more help, Dr. Boone provides free evaluations of symptoms and labs. Please complete this form for your evaluation.
Will I need to stay in the hospital after surgery?
In almost all cases, patients can go home (or back to the hotel) around 2 hours after the parathyroid operation. There are rare instances when we will keep someone in the hospital overnight, if that is deemed the safest option. Most people do better when they are able to leave and sleep in their own beds (or a resort bed!). Occasionally, someone will need to stay in the hospital overnight and then go home in the morning.
How do I become a patient?
The first step is filling out our interest form here. We will be in touch within one day regarding the next steps, which will include a more detailed intake form as well as a list of information that we will need. Once we have your information, you can schedule a phone call or office visit with Dr. Boone.
Do you take insurance?

Yes, we take insurance for all office visits and parathyroid operations.

We are in network for most of the major insurance networks, including Medicare, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and Banner Health Network. Your costs will depend on your individual plan. Please contact us for help in determining whether we are in your plan.

If you have insurance but Dr. Boone is not in your network, her fee for the consultation and parathyroid operation is $2,325 (this includes a consultation fee of $525 and surgery fee of $1,800). This does not include fees to the hospital, anesthesiologist, or pathologist. If you do not have any insurance or will be paying cash for the entire operation, please see the answer below.

How much will parathyroid surgery cost if I'm paying cash?

Short answer: If you have no insurance coverage in the U.S., or do not wish to use insurance, then the total cost for the operation is $9,378.

Longer answer: There are several fees involved: the surgeon's, the hospital's or surgery center's facility fee, the fee for anesthesiology, the fee for pathology (to review the parathyroid specimens removed), and the fee for radiology if you are getting a same-day scan. We have negotiated a surgery center self-pay rate of $9,378, which includes facility fees, surgeon fees, anesthesiology fees, and pathology fees. It does not include a sestamibi scan, so if you need to have this done there is an extra fee. You will not receive any surprise bills! Dr. Boone absolutely hates surprise billing, and is committed to not letting that happen to her patients. If you do receive a bill you are not expecting, please let us know immediately!

Note that this is only for patients paying cash - meaning NOT using insurance! If you have insurance and are using insurance, we cannot guarantee the prices listed above. If you have a very high deductible health insurance plan (that is, your deductible is $12,000 or more) and you are not close to meeting your deductible, you may be better off paying cash and not using insurance at all. We have negotiated the above rates for patients paying cash. Once insurance is used, the hospital and other providers will bill what they would usually bill insurance - which may be higher than these rates.

I am flying in for the operation. Do you have any hotels to recommend in the area?
Phoenix has a wide selection of hotels and resorts and we'd be happy to recommend some of the hotels in the area with easy access to the hospital. This Google Search will get you started. If you need specific recommendations please do not hesitate to contact the office!
How much does a consultation cost?

For patients within the state of Arizona: Insurance will cover an office visit or telehealth consultation. The amount you pay will depend on your individual plan. We are in Medicare and most of the large insurance plans. If we are not in-network or you do not have insurance, the consultation fee is $525.

For patients who live outside Arizona: We provide second opinion consultations for those living outside Arizona, but are not able to bill insurance for this. The fee is $525, the same as for patients within state. If you would like to travel to Arizona for an office visit that insurance will cover, you can. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the second opinion consultation fee. If you come to Arizona for surgery, insurance will cover the operation.

Important: We never want money to be the reason someone cannot get the care they need. If you are unable to afford the consultation fee, please reach out to us. You can call us at 480-542-6509 or email at contact@swparathyroid.com.