Dr. Deva Boone

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Dr. Deva Boone

The Southwest Parathyroid Center is the premier diagnostic and treatment center founded by parathyroid expert and surgeon Dr. Deva Boone. Dr. Boone has dedicated her career to the understanding and treatment of parathyroid disease, combining compassion, knowledge, and experience to provide world-class care to all patients.

After obtaining her MD at Cornell Medical College, Dr. Boone completed a general surgery residency in New York City and endocrine surgery fellowship in Chicago, IL. She then subspecialized in parathyroid surgery. She joined the Norman Parathyroid Center in 2014, where she performed over 3600 parathyroid operations and consulted with thousands more patients with suspected calcium and parathyroid abnormalities. In 2020 she opened the Southwest Parathyroid Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Boone is a frequent speaker on parathyroid disease. She enjoys teaching both patients and other physicians about calcium, Vitamin D, and the parathyroids. In 2017 she was the primary author on one of the most significant parathyroid papers, a review of over 20,000 cases of primary hyperparathyroidism


How do I become a patient?
The first step is filling out our interest form here. We will be in touch within one day regarding the next steps, which will include a more detailed intake form as well as a list of information that we will need. Once we have your information, you can schedule a phone call or office visit with Dr. Boone.
Will I need to stay in the hospital after surgery?
In almost all cases, patients can go home (or back to the hotel) around 2 hours after the parathyroid operation. There are rare instances when we will keep someone in the hospital overnight, if that is deemed the safest option. Most people do better when they are able to leave and sleep in their own beds (or a resort bed!). Occasionally, someone will need to stay in the hospital overnight and then go home in the morning.
Do you take insurance?
Yes, we take insurance for all office visits and parathyroid operations. Your costs will depend on your individual plan. Please contact us for help in determining whether we are in your plan. For online second opinions, the fee is $425 and is not covered by insurance.