Parathyroid Disease Analysis Tool

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We have developed this application in order to help patients evaluate their labs and determine whether they may have parathyroid disease. Parathyroid disease is diagnosed with lab tests, and can often be determined by blood calcium and PTH levels alone.

Calcium and PTH levels need to be interpreted together, so it is best if your results are both from the same day. If the calcium and PTH were done more than a week apart, we recommend rechecking them on the same day. Normal calcium levels vary by age, which is why we also need your age in order to interpret your calcium level.

Need more help? Dr. Boone provides free parathyroid evaluations. She will review your symptoms and labs, explain how she would interpret them, and recommend your next steps. Fill out this form for your evaluation. You will need to provide an email address so that Dr. Boone can send you her thoughts.

Important: This app is provided to help you interpret your own labs and decide whether you need to consult a physician about them. It cannot be used to definitively diagnose a condition. A diagnosis should be made only in the context of your full medical history by a health care professional. Please contact us with any questions.